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Back in 2023, due to a sponsorship from Cigna,  SCPS opened a Wellness Center to serve as the focal point for exercise, health classes, and health coaching. The Wellness Center provides SCPS employees with a comprehensive array of options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The exercise room, equipped with cutting-edge features such as treadmills, row machines, exercise bikes, weights, and a large screen TV hosting on-demand fitness classes, reflects a commitment to offering diverse and engaging fitness opportunities. The center is approximately 1,600 square feet and features two rooms, one for exercise that includes treadmills, row machines, an exercise bike, weights, and a large screen tv with on-demand fitness classes. The center also has an on-site Nurse practitioner who can provide services that align with the SCPS’s Strive for 5 Wellness Program and annual wellness incentives.

Conveniently located in Winter Springs, the Wellness Center extends its welcoming doors to all SCPS employees, providing access from 5 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. To partake in the facility’s offerings, employees simply need to register for building access and complete a waiver located on the Insider.

This year, Cigna has donated an additional $20,000 to continue supporting this building. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Cigna for their unwavering support, exemplifying a shared dedication to the enduring health and vitality of our esteemed employees!