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The Foundation for SCPS would like to thank the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for their contributions to three Foundation supported programs. With a major focus on prevention, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office donated $50,000 to Take Stock in Children – Seminole, the Midway Safe Harbor Community Center and Safe and Drug Free School’s Red Ribbon Week.

Take Stock in Children is a program designed for students in lower socio-economic households. Throughout the four-year program, students are paired with a mentor, participate in workshops focusing on college readiness, life skills and career prep, and upon successful completion of the program, they are awarded a 2-year paid college scholarship.

Midway Safe Harbor Community Center is an after-school program in Sanford that concentrates on promoting youth development, academic advancement, improved social skills, citizenship, and more.

Safe and Drug Free School’s Red Ribbon Week Campaign is a unified effort among businesses, law enforcement, schools, public agencies, and families standing together to proclaim establishment of a community free of abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

All three programs focus on preparing at-risk students for a successful future. These programs will benefit greatly from this funding. Thank you to Sheriff Lemma and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for supporting the students of Seminole County Public Schools!

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