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We want to thank the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for their $30,000 grant! Their support amplifies our efforts in aiding at-risk students through the Take Stock In Children program and the Midway Safe Harbor Center.

With their help, we’re providing deserving students with a chance to break the cycle of poverty through education. Take Stock in Children promotes personal growth, self-responsibility and academic success for deserving low-income children be providing a unique set of resources including mentors, scholarships, long term support, student advocacy and a guaranteed educational opportunity.

The Midway Safe Harbor Center located in the Midway community that provides a safe and nurturing environment for students after school, evenings, weekends, and summers. The Center ensures an environment that is conducive to meeting the needs of the community while providing role models for the youth that attend.

Thank you Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, for believing in our mission and empowering our community’s youth!