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Thank you to the XQ Institute for their $100,000 grant to support PSI High through the Foundation! The XQ Institute has been a supporter of PSI High since inception and has continued to support the program for years.

PSI High is an immersive, full-time program located within Seminole High School where students work to solve real community, business, and social problems. Students learn best when they are active participants in their learning, collaborating with their peers and teachers to do work that matters. Rather than learn through traditional classroom instruction, students work in teams with their peers or teachers to solve real problems. A cornerstone of this project-based approach is connecting students with people and places outside of the school. We want every project to have a real-world component that helps students see the authentic impact of their work. Students pick problems that interest them, such as how to code an app or start a non-profit.

Thanks to the XQ Institute for continuing to support innovation in education for the students of Seminole County Public Schools!