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We often hear of how teenagers and young children are constantly surrounded by technology, but what about those who have no access to technology at home?
Think about how many homework assignments are now done using computers, the internet or even apps. Lack of access to these technologies can be crippling to these children’s education. Thanks in part to a $20,250 Community Services Agency grant awarded by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, SCPS students have access to technology and academic enrichment through Midway Safe Harbor’s Teen Program.

The program provides academic enrichment and support in core subjects, character education, drop-out prevention and even a computer lab all in a safe environment. Jamie, who graduated from Seminole High last month and lives in the neighborhood, has been coming to the teen program for years. He says the program is “amazing and has really helped me out.” The access to the computer lab and support with his chemistry class made a big impact in his education. Jamie also expressed that the teachers in the program were very supportive of him and provided help with homework and tutoring. The Teen Program kept him motivated to finish school and his goal is to attend Seminole State College in the fall.

Thank you to the Community Services Agency and the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners for assisting in providing this safe and secure academic environment for our SCPS students… with a little bit of fun mixed in too!