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The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools would like to thank the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for their contributions to two Foundation supported programs. With a major focus on prevention and youth services, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office donated $35,000 to the Midway Safe Harbor Community Center and Take Stock in Children – Seminole.

Midway Safe Harbor’s after-school community program addresses the disadvantages of the local youth: an above average number of students who live in or near poverty level, who have below grade-level proficiency in reading, math and science, who are in need of credit recovery to graduate and who are at risk of dropping out of school. The program is located in Sanford and offers free after school assistance to students. The staff focuses on promoting youth development and academic advancement along with improved social skills, citizenship, behavioral modification and self-esteem.

Take Stock in Children-Seminole, a program operated by The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools, focuses on youth development and mentoring as part of a statewide initiative funded partially by the Florida Department of Education. Participating students come from different schools and backgrounds, but all qualify for free or reduced lunch, have succeeded academically, and are considered by their teachers to have college potential. Selected students are expected to meet with their mentors each week for all four years of high school, maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, have zero disciplinary issues, and maintain a strong record of attendance each year. Students who successfully complete the programs requirements are awarded a 2-year college scholarship paid for by The Foundation. This year, the incoming freshmen class will all be first generation college students giving them the opportunity to reverse their family’s cycle of poverty.

Both programs focus on preparing at-risk students for a successful future. These programs will benefit greatly from this funding. Thank you to Sheriff Lemma and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for supporting the students of Seminole County Public Schools!

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